Freshly transplanted to San Francisco Bay Area from Shanghai, China and originally hailing from Virginia, Ben Misterka’s story is anything but ordinary.  Spending the past 6 years based in Shanghai, he is well known as a top call session and touring guitarist, regularly performing at arenas, major festivals, and intimate clubs alike, with leading pop artists, internationally renowned touring acts, and his original project “Collectivity”.  He is quickly turning heads and making an impact across California and beyond.   

          In 2017 Collectivity opened for Larry Graham at Shanghai Arena, performed at Ulanchabo World Music Festival in Mongolia, Headlined Candy Mountain Festival in Chengdu, and has recorded and produced a video album of original music. The first single to be released in March 2018.         

          Collectivity’s original music is a high energy, jazz-funk, psychedelic soul with a rock edge performed by world class musicians.  Carefully arranged and and uniquely written tunes with a jazz sensibility, ripping and soulful guitar solos, funky ass horn breaks, thick lush organ and synth tones, fat groovy low end, with a dirty pocket made for dancing while gettin yo mind right!          

           Misterka has toured through China, Japan, and the USA, playing with many acclaimed artists as a sideman, and his own groups.  He has performed and/or worked with; Alex Han, Morris Hayes, The Voice of China, Tia Ray, Glen David Andrews, Tan Wei Wei(谭维维), Leah Dou (窦靖童), Yu Quan (羽 泉), Anhayla, Kimberly Nichole, opened for Erykah Badu, Larry Graham, and many others.  He has studied with Wayne Krantz, Fred Hersch, and Doug Richards.  

          Collectivity is releasing an album and video series in March of 2018!  

Bio in Chinese

Ben Misterka 是来自美国的吉他手,作曲家和音乐教育者。作为一位多元的音乐人,Ben丰富的旅行经历让他的音乐风格深受世界各地的音乐影响。2012年移居上海后,Ben持续创作,演出并录制他所热爱的音乐。 
在中国,美国和日本Ben都有演出。合作过的知名乐手包括创作歌手窦靖童,偶像团体羽泉,灵魂及R&B歌手Anhayla,Kimberley Nichole,和Joye B. Moore等。 
热衷于音乐节的他曾在美国里士满国际爵士音乐节,2013和2015年上海爵士音乐节(New Grasslands和Return To Mongolia),以及内蒙古的鄂尔多斯世界音乐节,Booshkabash,上海世界音乐节等表演。 
2013年在上海House of Blues and Jazz驻演两个月,同年受邀和上海巴罗克室内乐团一同在上海音乐厅演出。 
Ben擅长多种乐风并拥有丰富的录音室经验。他已和New Grasslands自行制作发表了两张专辑,目前正积极筹划推出首张个人创作EP。 
目前活跃在相当国际化的音乐界的他不断地在表演,创作,录音。目前所属的乐团有融入非洲元素的世界音乐团体RTM,爵士三重奏The Brian Hurley Trio ,和结合蒙古乐风的蓝草乐队New Grasslands,并受邀与多数其他团体合作演出。Ben对未来充满期待。